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“Babies don’t keep”.  That’s what I was always told when my oldest was first born.  I didn’t really understand exactly what that meant until I was pregnant with my third child.  I remember when my youngest was born, I told my husband “I don’t ever want to put him down, because now I have a […]

Being a mom myself, I can say that sometimes preparing for a photoshoot can be a little stressful.  Picking out outfits, making sure everybody is happy…it’s a lot to add on to a mom’s plate.  So a surprise session for a dad and his kids makes for a stress free shoot! Carlos’ kids are moving […]

Meet my nephew, Wes Curtis Brantley, or as we like to call him “Wessy Boy”.  Wes is 2 months younger than my youngest, so raising babies the same age with my sister has been so much fun.  It has been so awesome to be able to bounce things off of each other, get advice, ask […]

My husband and I met Holly and Adam a few years ago through some friends of ours.  We have gotten to hang out with them on multiple occasions and have just really enjoyed their company and getting to know them! They moved here from Georgia for Adam’s work and immediately got involved in our church.  […]

Ben and Natalie are 2 of our dearest friends, the couple we have been friends with the longest.  Ben and Landon have been best friends since high school.  We met Natalie shortly after Landon and I were dating.  We were at a Christian conference in Dallas when Ben introduced her to us as “a friend”, […]

You may recognize Ashlyn from back in the fall when I captured her senior pictures.  She was in my very first 4th grade class 9 years ago and now graduated from high school almost a week ago.  When we did her senior pictures, Holly, her mom, wanted to make sure we got some family pictures […]

Scott is from New Jersey and Katie is from Texas.  After she graduated from A&M, she got a job in Jersey and moved up there for a few years.  After 5 years of living there, Katie and Scott met each other at an Irish pub and the rest is history.  Scott told me on their […]

The weather was just perfect for my session with the Puccio family.  I’ve always loved fall sessions due to the color changes and cooler temperature, but spring may be a new favorite.  As long as it’s not raining, I’ve really had the most beautiful weather for my sessions lately.  Everything is turning green again, and […]

If I had to describe Kaleigh’s senior session in just three words, I would say “proud, relaxed, and unique.”  When her mom and I first began discussing the session location, she informed me that Kaleigh was her “boots and jeans girl”.  Kaleigh is in the Police Explorers and was named Rookie of the Year in […]

I am one of six kids and was the first one to move away, well, the first one to move away and stay away.  My older sister went out of state for college but then came back closer to home.  I went out of state for college, 4 and a half hours away, and then […]