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May 29, 2019

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You may recognize Ashlyn from back in the fall when I captured her senior pictures.  She was in my very first 4th grade class 9 years ago and now graduated from high school almost a week ago.  When we did her senior pictures, Holly, her mom, wanted to make sure we got some family pictures scheduled before Ashlyn left for college.  Holly works in DC, so arranging our schedules and working around the rainiest season we have here in north Texas, we finally landed on graduation weekend.

I was so glad that they took some time out of such a busy week to get some updated family photos.  This family is just the sweetest, tight knit family!  They laugh, they poke at each other, they are proud, and they love.  I got to witness all of it.  Being a parent to young kids, I pray that one day, when my kids are older, that they will love me as much as Everett and Ashlyn love Holly and each other.  Holly, you did a wonderful job raising your kiddos.  I hope I’m as cool as you when my kids are Ashlyn and Everett’s age!


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