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Carlos, Victoria, and Michael – Denton Family Photographer

August 24, 2019

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Being a mom myself, I can say that sometimes preparing for a photoshoot can be a little stressful.  Picking out outfits, making sure everybody is happy…it’s a lot to add on to a mom’s plate.  So a surprise session for a dad and his kids makes for a stress free shoot!

Carlos’ kids are moving out of state next week, so his girlfriend wanted to surprise him with pictures of him and the kids before they left.  An easy going dad who didn’t have to do any planning, and now gets to have these photos to look at in between the times he gets to see them again, I think from start to finish, he never stopped smiling.

Victoria and Michael are about 5 years apart, but they seem very close.  Michael was shy at first and took some convincing to get in the water, but with Victoria’s encouragement, he finally got in.  Victoria definitely takes on the big sister role, but she wasn’t too big to go swing on the swings with her little brother when we were done shooting.

Carlos, Victoria, and Michael are a tight knit family.  I know it will be difficult for Carlos having his kids so far away, but I hope these pictures will ease some of the pain of them being gone.


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  1. Carlos says:

    Phenomenal! We loved you and your work. Thank you.

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