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Weldon Reece Clark – Denton Newborn Photographer

June 1, 2019

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Ben and Natalie are 2 of our dearest friends, the couple we have been friends with the longest.  Ben and Landon have been best friends since high school.  We met Natalie shortly after Landon and I were dating.  We were at a Christian conference in Dallas when Ben introduced her to us as “a friend”, but when she walked off he said, “I’m going to marry her one day.”  Landon and Ben both always said they would be the best man in each other’s weddings, so when Landon and I got married, Ben was right up there standing next to Landon, and when Ben and Natalie got married, Landon was right next to him.  We sure were glad when they finally did get married, so Ben wasn’t just hanging out at our apartment every night as a lonely bachelor, and I finally had a girl friend to hang out with.  Fast forward 10 years, and here we all are now, best friends raising our little babies together.

Earlier this year they moved only 20 minutes away, but between both of our busy work and family lives, it has been difficult to find time hang out.  I was thrilled when Natalie asked me to come capture Weldon’s newborn pictures and their new family of 5.  Henley is the sweetest big sister (and sometimes momma) to both of her little brothers.  George is the sweetest (and sometimes orneriest) middle brother.  And Weldon is just the most adorable baby brother.

Thank you, Ben and Natalie, for allowing me into your home to capture your sweet, growing family.  We love all 5 of you!



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