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A couple weeks ago I had my first round of mini sessions, and while it was still 90 degrees, my families came dressed for fall!  Thankfully we had a nice breeze and some cloud coverage, so nobody was too miserable.  It was such a fun day filled with beautiful people, and I’m excited for my […]

I’ve been a little out of the blog routine, and it feels good to start back up again.  I’ve got some fun shoots to share, and Titan is one of them. I’ve been looking forward to doing Titan’s photos for over a year.  I shot his family’s photos about a year ago, and Titan definitely […]

The big push in the photography world is to specialize in one area, and while at different points in my business I have tried to make my focus in one area or another, I just can’t seem to say “no” to anything.  I just love it all.  After a senior session, I have come home […]

“Babies don’t keep”.  That’s what I was always told when my oldest was first born.  I didn’t really understand exactly what that meant until I was pregnant with my third child.  I remember when my youngest was born, I told my husband “I don’t ever want to put him down, because now I have a […]

Being a mom myself, I can say that sometimes preparing for a photoshoot can be a little stressful.  Picking out outfits, making sure everybody is happy…it’s a lot to add on to a mom’s plate.  So a surprise session for a dad and his kids makes for a stress free shoot! Carlos’ kids are moving […]

I made it to my parent’s house a little over a week before Maddie’s big day.  We didn’t really plan on taking bridals since it was so close to the wedding, but she needed a trial run of hair and makeup. We put together a quick bouquet, she threw on her dress, and we headed […]

What a fun and full week it was hanging out with my family and prepping for my baby sister’s wedding!  Two of my sisters and I (along with all 5 of our kids) drove up to Friona, TX about a week before Maddie and Jarad’s wedding, so we could have some family time before wedding […]

Cory and big brother Byron welcomed me into their home when I got to the Covington’s for their newborn session.  Melissa was finishing up getting ready while baby Bryce was snuggled in his bouncer in the living room.  Cory went back to the bedroom to check on Melissa and I heard a very distinct “ball” […]

Meet my nephew, Wes Curtis Brantley, or as we like to call him “Wessy Boy”.  Wes is 2 months younger than my youngest, so raising babies the same age with my sister has been so much fun.  It has been so awesome to be able to bounce things off of each other, get advice, ask […]

My husband and I met Holly and Adam a few years ago through some friends of ours.  We have gotten to hang out with them on multiple occasions and have just really enjoyed their company and getting to know them! They moved here from Georgia for Adam’s work and immediately got involved in our church.  […]