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Bryce Covington – Denton Newborn Photographer

July 11, 2019

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Cory and big brother Byron welcomed me into their home when I got to the Covington’s for their newborn session.  Melissa was finishing up getting ready while baby Bryce was snuggled in his bouncer in the living room.  Cory went back to the bedroom to check on Melissa and I heard a very distinct “ball” coming from one of the bedrooms.  I walked down the hall to find 21 month old Byron pointing under his bed and saying ball.  You can imagine, when I crawled under the bed to get 1 of the many balls that had rolled under there, we were instant best friends.

Cory and Melissa have been married for 19 years and after many years of waiting, God finally blessed them with these two precious boys.  In Cory’s words “God’s perfect timing”.  It was such a joy to come in to their home and watch the love this family had for each other unfold in front of me.  Being only 21 months, Byron only wanted to be in the pictures when it was his idea, but when it was his idea, all he wanted to do was kiss baby Bryce’s head, touch his toes, and try to hold him.  Well at least until I pulled my camera out.  Then he would quickly run back to his iPad and his snack until his next sneak attack on his sweet brother.

Bryce was bright eyed at the beginning.  It was so sweet to watch him look at his momma and daddy and really listen to their voices.  He may have only been on the outside for a week and a half, but he knew these people who loved him so dearly.

Thank you Melissa and Cory for allowing me into your home to capture your beautiful family.  Your boys are precious.  All four of you are blessed to have each other.


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