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Maddie’s Bridals – Denton Wedding Photographer

August 18, 2019

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I made it to my parent’s house a little over a week before Maddie’s big day.  We didn’t really plan on taking bridals since it was so close to the wedding, but she needed a trial run of hair and makeup. We put together a quick bouquet, she threw on her dress, and we headed out to my dad’s closest pasture for these stunning photos.

Maddie made such a beautiful bride.  Her dress was just perfect for her.  Quick story time, we actually went dress shopping before she was even engaged.  She and Jarad knew they were getting married, and the ring was actually already ordered.  Maddie and my mom were coming to the Dallas area over spring break, so the rest of us decided to surprise her with a dress appointment just for fun.  She had no intention of actually buying anything, but the moment she put on the dress, nobody could turn their eyes away.  The manager of the store even came out when she heard what dress she was trying on.  It was the first time anyone had tried on that particular dress, and it literally fit her like a glove.  It was exactly what she had envisioned, and there was not a single bit of alterations that she needed.  Needless to say, she said “yes” to the dress before she even said “yes” to her man, ha!  It made it that much more special that all of her sisters, our mom, and my daughter all got to be there when she found it!

I’m so happy for my beautiful sister and new brother in law, and I’m excited to share these gorgeous bridals!


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  1. Once again your skills shine through your work. Your sister is beautiful!

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