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Titan Bailey – Denton Senior Photographer

October 12, 2019

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I’ve been a little out of the blog routine, and it feels good to start back up again.  I’ve got some fun shoots to share, and Titan is one of them.

I’ve been looking forward to doing Titan’s photos for over a year.  I shot his family’s photos about a year ago, and Titan definitely knew how to work the camera.  I met Titan about 11 and a half years ago when my husband and I started dating.  Titan is his cousin’s son, so watching him grow over the years and then be able to shoot his senior photos was such a fun experience!  There haven’t been many seniors that I have known for over a decade and then got to shoot their senior pictures.

We did the shoot on his parent’s property.  It was gorgeous, and the way the sun came through the trees right before sunset was that perfect fall sunset glow.  It was funny that just a year ago he was working my camera, and prior to his session, his mom told me he had several ideas.  But when it was go time, he just looked at his mom and asked “What do you want?  I just want to do what you want.”  Once we got started, he obviously reverted back to his old self and shined behind the camera, and I think that’s exactly what his momma wanted.

Congratulations Titan!  It’s been so fun watching you grow into a handsome young man.  We can’t wait to see what’s next.  We are cheering for you!


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  1. La Don Busch says:

    Great pictures! Such a good looking young man! Can’t believe he is already a senior!

  2. Ada Pickett says:

    We are do proud of the young man Titan is becoming! I know God has His hand on him and that he will do great things in this life!
    He was our first grandchild and named us what all that followed would call us. He has always set the mark!
    We can’t wait to see where God will lead him in this life.
    We love him infinity!
    MiMi & PawPaw

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