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December 7, 2018

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8 years ago I got my first job as a teacher teaching 4th grade.  I began my first year with some wonderful students and some even more wonderful co-workers.  As a first year teacher, you really just survive because of the people you work closely with.  They have either been there and remember or are going through the first year themselves.

Annaleesa was a deaf education aide and her mom, Raquel, was a special education teacher at my school.  I worked closely with Raquel since we shared students, but got to know Annaleesa to an extent as well.  She was bubbly, full of energy, and had a great relationship with her students.  I always admired her for that!

A couple of years later, I moved on to my next teaching job at a middle school, and Annaleesa left to continue going to college.  The special education program that Raquel worked in moved to another school, so we really lost touch.  It wasn’t until my husband became the assistant principal at Raquel’s new school that we reconnected, and when Annaleesa asked me to take her family pictures, it was like a full circle had taken place.  I’ve made lots of friendships through my teaching career, some on going, some distant, and now close again.

I’ve thought before that it isn’t fair when the mother carries a child for 9+ months, endures all the aches, pains, and hardships that go along with pregnancy and then labor and delivery, and the baby ends up looking exactly like the dad.  But then I had my own “spitting image of his dad” and realize that I love that my son looks just like my husband, I mean, I did fall in love with him.  So Annaleesa, I hope looking at your sweet Oakley is a constant reminder of the love you have for Troy.  You have a beautiful family!

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