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December 10, 2018

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Family of five? Check. High school? Check. Middle school? Check. Three boys in baseball? Free weekend?! Check. Family pictures? Check!

When I look at my young family I sometimes wonder how those with older kids are able to juggle family events and activities and still make time for each other. It has to be especially difficult with two high schoolers and one middle schooler. Growing up in a big family (eight of us in all) was always fun and our schedule was non-stop. Even in to college when I would come home for the weekend there were always ball games to go to and they often came with a good amount of travel time. The Sefcik family is always in motion, but after trying to reschedule our time together we found a date and were ready to go. At last!

This season is busy for many of us. And, it’s hard to find the balance in all of the good things we are doing and still make time for each other. On this particular evening the weather was just perfect. A cool, sunny, fall evening beckoned several families to the park. Many were getting their pictures taken and several others were just out enjoying a stroll together-sometimes with the family dog!

Although we do have one brother who is the youngest of the siblings, seeing the Sefcik boys together reminded me of growing up with my four other sisters. We are all different and unique-each of us has our own tastes and opinions, but we are sisters first. We have different talents and gifts, but we will always have the bond of family between us. There’s something about having an older sibling to look up to and a younger sibling to take up for. And, having parents like Chad and Niccole who work so hard to support everyone in their endeavors reminds me of how hard my parents worked to support all of us.

This beautiful family and particular evening was such a timely reminder for me. Being smack in the middle of the holiday season can be tough-for many reasons. Material possessions may be nice, but this season I am especially thankful for my family.

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