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December 7, 2018

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Kids make photos interesting.  Toddlers make photos even more interesting.  You just never know what you are going to get, but there are a few things I like to tell parents.  One, let me take charge this once.  Yes, I know you want your child to listen and obey and just smile for one picture, but I’m pretty good at getting “that shot”, so let me do my magic.  Two, a little bribery never hurt anyone.  I heard at church once that there is nothing wrong with bribery.  Bribery is just another word for getting a reward for doing the right thing.  It sounds much better when you say it like that.  Last, just relax.  Some of the best/favorite photos are the ones where you are interacting with your child, or your child is able to just be themself.

Jeremy, Lindsay, and Jett were such a sweet family, and little Jett was your typical toddler.  He wasn’t interested in having his picture taken, having to stand still, just smile at the camera, and not explore this new place he was in.  Jeremy and Lindsay were great at just letting me take the reigns on this one.  We were able to get the family shots, but then I was able to capture some of just Jett in his element doing typical 2 year old things.  In the end everyone got what they wanted, photos of the whole family, a happy kid, and 2 lolly pops.


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