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Kenneth and Gloria – Denton Engagement Photographer

April 12, 2019

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The first time I sat down with both Kenneth and Gloria, I just had to ask about their story, how they met and how they got here.  Gloria shared that they met when she was 15 years old at the skating rink in Denton, and then happened to both get a job at the same Dairy Queen in Pilot Point just a few months later.  They worked together for the summer and “dated”.  Gloria couldn’t stop talking about that handsome young man she remembered from so long ago.  After summer, they went their separate ways.  They didn’t see each other again for several years.  Both had been married when they ran into each other randomly and “caught up” briefly, and then went another 15 years before they ran into each other again.  At by this time, they were both single and both remembered that young love at the Dairy Queen so many years prior.  Gloria couldn’t hold the tears back telling me about God had brought them back together after so many years.

They are tying the knot next month with what Gloria calls their “wedding celebration”.  She said, “Most people don’t have big weddings at our age, but to me, this is my dream man, so we deserve our dream wedding and celebration with all of our friends.”  I’m so looking forward to capturing that sweet day!

Congratulations Kenneth and Gloria!  If your wedding is even half as fun as your engagement shoot was, it will definitely be a day to remember!



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  1. Don & Michele says:

    We love this couple. Sorry we can’t be there for the wedding, But I’m sure we will enjoy the pictures when we get together later. Love you both congratulations and happy wedding

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