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December 5, 2018

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Amie and Jansen came into our lives about 7 years ago.  We joined a home group at church that they were a part of, and we quickly became friends.  We were both newly weds and actually lived in the same neighborhood.  Amie and I spent many evenings walking the neighborhood, building a true friendship, talking about our desire to be mothers, teaching, and life as a wife.  When Landon left for his basic training with the military, we did a girls Bible study on the weekend and filled the week days with more walks, and joined a boot camp together.  Amie became one of my very dearest friends very quickly.

Then in the fall, I became pregnant with my oldest, and just 2 months later, Amie excitedly told me that she too was pregnant as well.  And while both of our sweet babies were miracles, there was so much rejoicing in their little one because they had been going through fertility treatments for a while with no success.  Just when they decided to take a break, she became pregnant with their miracle, Jubilee, which means “a special celebration”.  How fitting is that name for such a sweet miracle baby??  Now we were getting to go through pregnancy and motherhood at the same time together, another blessing to add to this already sweet friendship God had given us.

Just a few years later, God granted them two more miracles, Lucy and Blaise, again without fertility treatments.  God’s grace has been shown time and time again through this sweet family, and they have always been so quick to point to him through it all.   This friendship has become such a blessing to us, and it has been a blessing to watch this family continue to grow.



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