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November 19, 2018

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Have you every met your doppleganger?  They say everyone has one, and while I don’t necessarily know who my personal doppleganger would be, the Barnett family is definitely our family twin.  One girl and two boys, living just streets apart, when we met the Barnett family, we soon realized we had basically been living the same life, just a few months apart.  We lived in the same neighborhood, and our kids had just missed each other in the same in home daycare.  They had just recently moved into a new neighborhood that we had been looking to get into and ended up moving in to just a few short months later.

When we moved to the same neighborhood, we began having a “dinner club” meet up with some other neighbors once a month or so.  Tracy and I shared many walks/runs in the neighborhood, and our kids asked regularly if Kate, Jake and Joe could play with them at the park.  They no longer live in our neighborhood, but we so enjoy when we do get to hang out with them.  Our kids still go to the same school and get to see each other regularly.

If you have 3 kids, you know it’s a balancing act to try to keep everyone happy.  Zach is one of the most easy going dads/husband/guys I’ve ever met.  He is a sports fanatic and college football writer.   Tracy just wants everyone to be happy and will go above and beyond to help somebody out.  She is a cheer mom through and through.  Kate takes the big sister roll seriously.  She can be a sweet friend to her brothers but can also be nurturing and motherly as well.  She has the best little smile and gets to show it often in all of her cheer competitions.  She is outgoing, funny, and smart.  Jake is a full hearted brother to both Kate and Joe.  He loves football and his neighborhood friends.  We never know if we should call Joe “big Joe” or “little Joe”.  As the baby of the family, everything about him wants to keep up with his two older siblings.  He has the cutest dimples, and can turn on a smile and a frown in the blink of an eye just like any three year old.  We love this family and are thankful for their friendship.



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