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November 18, 2018

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We grew up in a small town, like really small.  Like, “graduated from high school with less than 70 people” small.  There wasn’t a whole lot to do in our little town, but we made our own fun, good clean fun.  Well, except that one time when we decided to see how long it could would take us to drive down a mile long street going just fast enough for the car to move.  The cops did get called on us, but when he realized what we were doing, he let us off easy.

We also made it to regionals in tennis our senior year of high school.  Honestly, we didn’t belong there, and it showed on our first round when we were absolutely destroyed, but that “play back” to decide if we were going to regionals or our rival was one of the most exciting matches.  We ended up pulling it off with a lot of “What in the world? How is this happening?” kind of moments.

We were in GAs together in elementary, played basketball together through middle school and high school, went to prom with brothers, and had some of the best late night talks.  We have lots of memories together!  Lots!

Andrea has been a dear friend to me for so long, and now to both live in the DFW area and get to take her family photos once a year is such a blessing.  Friends like these are hard to come by.  Thanks, Ang, for your friendship for all these years ! You have such a beautiful little family!


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