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November 8, 2018

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Hayes and my daughter, Olivia, are quite the pair.  Best friends, almost like brother and sister (but without the fighting so far).  Morgan kept Olivia for the first year of her life, which means her and Hayes have really grown up together.  Their little friendship is the sweetest friendship, and I would have to say our friendship with this family is just as sweet.  We have gotten a front row seat in their story and how God has worked in their lives and family.

Zach and Morgan have quite the story.  Looking at these photos, you wouldn’t know the amount of prayers, heart ache, joy and miracles has gone into creating this family.  Zach and Morgan struggled getting pregnant and finally, with fertility treatments and God’s miraculous hand, she became pregnant with Hayes.  Three years later, again, with the same treatments and God’s miraculous hand, she became pregnant again, with twin boys, Miller and Harrison.  Their hands and their hearts were so full.  There were many conversations and questions that revolved around “Are we done with 3?” “Yes we are done.” “Should we have one more?” “What if ‘one more’ turns into twins”? and any other question you can think of revolving around growing a family.

I think they had just about decided they were “done” and were going to put the conversation to the side and not schedule an appointment with their fertility doctor.  They were getting ready to move houses and raising 3 beautiful boys, so they were content.  But God.  Isn’t that what always happens?  We make plans.  But God.  God had a different plan for this family.  God has given Zach and Morgan another baby, and while all of those boys have been miracles, sweet baby Coleman is quite the miracle baby.  Completely unplanned, treatment free, an “only God could have done this” miracle baby.

We are so excited for this family of ALL boys.  They sure have their work cut out for them but definitely the best kind of work.  Raising men of God, and thanking God for those sweet miracles every day.  Zach and Morgan, we are so thankful for your friendship, for your faithfulness to the Lord, and for letting us have a front row seat in your story!  We love you!


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  1. Terrye Felderhoff says:

    Morgan and Zach and their boys are beautiful and special people. So excited for them and the plans God has for them.

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