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Chloe and Bobby – Denton Family Photographer

November 5, 2018

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We first met the Bell family when my husband became the assistant principal at Chloe’s elementary school, and we also served in the 4-5 year olds at church and had Bobby in our class.  A short time later, Sara began working at the school, and we have enjoyed getting to know this family even more.

Chloe is in 4th grade, but seems much older.  Not in a “too grown up” kind of way, but just in a “much sweeter and more mature than most 4th graders” kind of way.  My daughter, Olivia, is a kindergartener at the same elementary school, and Chloe has kind of taken her under her wing.  Olivia looks forward to playing with Chloe before and after school since they are both staff kids, and it just makes Olivia feel so special that Chloe wants to play with her as well.

The day started out windy, but by the time we started the shoot, the wind had calmed down some and the clouds coverage was just enough to allow us to shoot wherever we wanted to on the property.  As we walked around, I got to explain what a “cow patty” was and why to avoid stepping on it, and we also found plenty of ant piles, sticks, flowers, and even a pair of friendly donkeys at the end.  Bobby enjoyed having a staring contest with the cows in the field and wanted to try to get as close as possible for his individual photos.  This was the perfect setting for these 2 kiddos.  We had a blast in just the short amount of time we were out there!


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