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October 26, 2019

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One of my absolute favorite parts of this job is getting to capture the same families year after year.  I love new clients, but when I get to watch a family grow year after year, it’s so special to me.  There is no stress, no awkward small talk.  It’s then that it doesn’t feel like “work” but feels like I’m just hanging out with some friends and happened to bring my camera along.

This year was the 4th year I have captured the Fain family.  The first year was when little Carter was just a little baby, and last week, he talked my ear off.  Libby was just 2 and made me use every trick I had to get that sweet smile, and now she is the silliest/smiliest little girl who obviously loves her brother, and feels most confident with her mom and dad.

Clinton and Lindsey are two of the most easy going parents I’ve ever worked with at a photo shoot, and maybe it’s because we have all been doing this together for a while, but they are just really easy going people.  Clinton made the comment as we were walking from one spot to the next, “I think I’m just naturally a sarcastic person.”  And Lindsey just beamed the whole session.  I texted her afterwards and told her that she just glowed during the whole session, and she brought out the best smiles in everyone else.

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family over and over again.  It’s truly one of my favorite sessions I look forward to every year.



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