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February 12, 2017

Lindsay contacted me before the summer to schedule a family session for her little family, so when I finally got to meet her in September, it was so exciting to finally put a face with a name and meet her crew. We ended up at Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano, and it was gorgeous.  I had never done a shoot there so I was excited to get to look around.  

My kids are the same distance in age as Lindsay’s little ones, so I knew that it could either be a lot of fun and/or a bit of a challenge.  Her daughter really made me work for a smile and wasn’t really feeling the pictures at first, but I was up for the challenge.  After riding on Daddy’s shoulders, stomping in puddles, and throwing leaves in the air, I finally got some genuine smiles from everyone.

I always tell my husband that families with little ones are some of my favorites to shoot.  Not because it’s easy and runs smoothly but because little ones are real and they show real emotion at all times on both extremes.  A lot of times I have parents leaving the shoot saying something like “I hope you got at least 1 good one.”  And I always get more than 1.  Maybe not a lot of everyone posed and looking at the camera smiling, but I get 1 of those deep blue innocent eyes staring into the camera, 1 of those chubby cheeks profiles that every momma just wants to squeeze, 1 overjoyed smile that you can just hear the squeal while looking at the picture, 1 of the most adorable dimples you have ever seen, 1 where you can almost smell the sweet baby smell when you kiss those cheeks, and 1 of the two of you who are in it together, in all the mess, love, chaos, joy, laughter, fun, and tears.  

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